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COVID - 19 

Please find useful information and guidance - this will be updated as far as possible on the reciept of any changes.

A message from the HUTH re Children 

Dear Practitioner
Hull University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust has contacted the EYLOC regarding practices that are willing to dispense glasses for children during the COVID-19 lockdown.
If your practice is still able to offer this service, then please reply to me and I will collate a list to forward to the hospital. If you reply after I have sent the list, which is likely to be early next week, then don’t worry, I’ll simply send them an update.
Please let me know where this service is available, as I appreciate some groups have closed practices and are providing services from a limited number of their premises. If your shop is only offering limited opening times, or if customers need to telephone initially to gain access to the practice, then just detail this on your reply.
Many thanks for your efforts in providing these services at such a challenging time for the profession


Dear Colleagues, 

We would like to update you as to the amended service that is being provided by the Hull and East Yorkshire Eye hospital in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

All routine clinics and operating lists have been suspended in order to prevent unnecessary and potentially life-threatening exposure to and transmission of the virus between patients and staff.

Only patients with acutely sight-threatening conditions will be physically seen by the on-call team.  We are now performing a high volume of phone consultations, included in this group are patients with suspected microbial keratitis mainly from Contact Lens wear.  

We strongly feel contact lens wear at this time is not advisable and should be significantly reduced or better, avoided if at all possible unless medically necessary. Especially overnight wear lenses which carry even more risk.

We will continue to support our local Optometry colleagues and now have a dedicated email address where patient photos may be sent for review once the case has been discussed with the on-call team.

We ask you to consider contacting your contact lens patients and advising them regarding the risks of continued wear at this time when vital social distancing measures mean we are unable to care for our patients in the usual manner.

We appreciated your cooperation in this difficult period.






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